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Welcome Services Packet

Dr. Ross F. Williams Jr. is a passionate and celebrated educator, Leadership Coach, podcaster, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. His passion is to instill knowledge upon those he meets, in an effort to support them with tools to successfully accomplish their endeavors in life, while remaining driven by his ability to Motivate, Inspire and Transform mindsets for desired outcomes.

The MIT (Motivate, Inspire and Transform) Way offers services including, but not limited to the following:

Intentional Leadership Training:

  • Organization, Team, Entrepreneur(s) and/or one-on-one

Coaching Sessions:

  • Leadership Needs Assessment

  • Goal-Setting

  • Leadership Plan Development (LPD) Board Training

Board Governance:

  • Financial Oversight and Risk Management

  • Roles and Responsibilities (Officers & Committee Oversight)

  • Tips for effective governance and continuous improvement

Strategic Planning:

  • Mission, Vision, Values Creation

  • Organizational SWOT Analysis

  • Three to Five Year Plan Creation

District and Campus Support Services:

  • Based on district and/or campus needs

Keynote Speaker:

  • Well-regarded as innovative, visionary, energizing, and inspiring. Fueled by his passion for leadership and mentorship providing the tools to Motivate, Inspire and Transform (MIT).

Dr. Williams' Intentional Leadership mindset provided the foundation for his diverse portfolio from startups, for profits to nonprofits. He is regarded as an expert in education, film, real-estate development and business ownership, including CEO and Founder of MIT Global Enterprises LLC, Williams Group Consulting, Executive Producer in a riveting documentary “Woman on The Barbed Wire Fence,” and Founder of the nonprofit organizations Project and Club Innovation and Emma Robinson-Williams Education Foundation, Inc. His Entrepreneurial spirit, Educational and Transformative Leadership, and Philanthropic efforts has fostered a collaborative learning community that supports all stakeholders with the focus remaining on organizational outcomes.

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